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Bringing back the Magic of Learning

Initiatives through technology

Our first step in the direction of introducing coding and programming to digitally illiterate children is the WPP KANO camp. KANO is a build-it-yourself computer kit which inducts students into the digital world in a fun and playful manner.


We also started a 3D programme, based on the online platform Tinkercad, which allows students to develop and design 3D objects that can later be printed using a 3D printer.


These two initiatives support our vision of giving educational outcomes via technology, an impetus. These programmes help students develop cognitive skills such as sequencing, creativity and divergent thinking required for logical problem solving, and open their minds to a whole new world of possibilities.

Initiatives with partners

We understand the importance of digital learning, and to make education more conclusive, we have introduced programmes in English and Science as the focus subjects, in association with the Hope Foundation. Through these programmes we have made learning fun.


We partnered with Magic Bus to conduct in-school interventions that focus on aiding social, moral and motivational development through sports. In another collaborative effort with Magic Bus we conducted sessions with children in the community to identify young leaders who will help grow the community from within. Because we believe, in order to bring about a change, you must first inspire.


Our in-school interventions promote better learning for students from the 7th to 10th/12th grade, depending on the school.