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Moving communities ahead, together.

From soft skills to placements

Personality development is an integral part of one’s character. To help the youth better integrate in society, we empower them with soft-skills in spoken English, digital literacy, financial management & job interview training. Together with Magic Bus, we have started a livelihood centre that gives them access to all this and more. Through this initiative we help children above the age of 18 earn a sustainable livelihood by providing job placements. 

Opening doors to diverse livelihoods

While we help youth find mainstream livelihoods, we also support those who are looking for unconventional career opportunities which maybe otherwise inaccessible to them. Many children and youth are inclined to various arts like dance, music, etc. We encourage them to follow their passions and dreams, and empower them to earn a respectful livelihood out of it.


We also gave an opportunity to youth from schools we work with, to explore the field of communication by integrating them into the WPP School of Communication. Those with special talents and interests were awarded full scholarships to study at the school and shape their future in this field.