Let's open doors.

Nayi Zindagi Ki


Good futures depend on the right doors being opened at the right time. Guided by this belief, our aim is to improve the educational outcomes of the marginalised youth of India through technology. Our interventions impart education, livelihood & soft skills that help them to seamlessly integrate
with society.

This is our dream. And this is their story.

Back to School

In-school interventions

Dropouts and poor learning outcomes are a major concern for schools in India. We have developed a programme in partnership with various organisations specifically for students of Indian education system from the weaker sections of the society. We aim to bring back the magic in learning with strategic in-school interventions and making technology an effective educational tool.

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Way to Work

Vocational education

Though children from weaker communities get a chance to go to school, many of them are unable to cope with their work environment. We realised that the missing link between learning and livelihood was vocational education.

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Good For Health

Wellness creation

Though our vision focuses on linking youth from weaker sections of society from education to livelihood, our belief is that the most important support for children to complete their education and follow successful livelihoods is good health.

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Good For




About us

WPP is a creative transformation company that builds better futures for clients through an integrated offer of communications, experience, commerce and technology. WPP launched WPP India CSR Foundation in 2015, and is the Corporate Social Responsibility wing that aims to help 20,000+ underprivileged children and youth in achieving their true potential. Together, we work in unison with partners towards bringing social change.

The Foundation is committed to a common CSR vision of opening doors for every child and youth from vulnerable and marginalized communities through our holistic child development programs that focus on education, life skills and health.

Our Partners

The more people you involve,
the more doors open.