As we address retention in schools and enhance learning outcomes, we also instil the right skills to equip our children for their futures.

An avenue for better Career Guidance

From 9th grade, we introduce our children to career counselling to help realise their true potential. We then work towards building the necessary skills to take them closer towards their aspirations.

An introduction to Vocational Skilling

Along with academic learning, our children also need the right balance of vocational skills to grow and succeed in a competitive atmosphere. Our initiatives enable the children to develop entrepreneurial skills in various occupations, opening doors to more opportunities.

A pathway to Work-readiness

We empower our children with skills necessary that help them make choices like pursuing higher education or a career of one’s choice, at the end of high school.

In 12th grade, we conduct work-readiness training, introducing our children to basic communication skills, interview skills and personality development, making them job-ready in the career of their choice.

Success Stories

Winning against odds

We all face moments that compel us to give up, but some find their way to rise again. Vinay was able to change his destiny, through our livelihood program, gaining the skills necessary to succeed in life.

The road to a brighter future

On completion of the education to livelihood journey, our children graduate from a job-readiness training that supports them in making a career choice leading to a good life